Monday, September 21, 2015


Bonjour à tous! I had yet another fabulous week. I did a poor job of recording my thoughts on the iPad this week, so it will be a short email.

Events I experienced:
District meeting on Tuesday, in Beziers! Very fun. We went there and back on a TGV, first class! I think the office screwed up and got us 1st class tickets. The senior couple in Beziers told us a story, where an Elder tried to say "Je suis un saint des Derniers Jours" (I am a Latter-day Saint) but said "Je suis enceinte" (I am pregnant) haha so that was funny. The Perpignan Soeurs were on the train going up to the district meeting, and they weren't in 1st class. They asked us to come sit with them, so we only got about 15 mins of fame in 1st class haha.

Wednesday, we all had Skype interviews with President Brown! Super fun. Not as good as in person, but he still SPARCs people better than anyone I know, even via Skype. When we got back, we met with our ami, T! He plays on the Carcassonne rugby team! He's a little over 6'6", he benches over 400 pounds and he can squat 225 kilos. So he's HUGE! His mom in New Zealand is a member, along with all his sisters. He's super cool. He's played in international sports camps, he has played in youth Olympic Games for New Zealand, he was somewhat of an athletic child prodigy in New Zealand. He has played against Zach Levine, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Dante Exum, all at the age of 14! He's cool. And... he's only 20!!! He's been playing rugby professionally since he was 18.

Friday, I was on an exchange in Perpignan with Elder Duncan. It was one of the best échanges I've ever been on. We got a whole lot of stuff done, I walked around Perpignan a lot (it's super beautiful so that's cool), used my limited Spanish (or at least tried to) and we had crêpes with members to end the day! We gave a temple lesson to the Fs. They are super super awesome. I wish they lived in Carcassonne haha! And on the street, a lady told us when the world was gonna end! Apparently, it's 2024, on a Saturday night. Do with that information what you will.

On Saturday, we helped the members with an open house for family history at the church. Nobody showed up. For 8 hours. I think they should have advertised past putting a flyer on the church door. But at least we got to look on family search a lot and I found some cool ancestors! One of them is described as a Mythical King. So I don't know why that's on FamilySearch...

We saw T again on Saturday! We gave him a lesson zero/restoration, and it went super well. He said he wants to turn his life back to Christ, and he accepted to be baptized once he gains a testimony. I'm sure his mom prays for him every night to meet the missionaries, and now he has! Such a cool miracle.

Lessons I learned: Don't get sick! It stinks. And even if something bad does happen to you, stay positive, keep smiling, and choose to be happy no matter what. It sounds dumb but it works. Trust me!

(free) Advice I have: "Feed My Lambs" by Henry B. Eyring. This talk is gold. Pure gold. Read it and weep. Weep in a good way.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support you give! Je vous aime beaucoup.
À plus,
Elder MacArthur

Ben, T and Elder Hansen

Ben & Elder Hansen on the TGV

Ben finds Tintin in Carcassonne

Ben's "royal' ancestry

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