Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Bonjour bonjour, hello hello! A new year! 2015 was the best year of my life, hands down! No comparison. 2016 will be even better! It'll blow 2015 away. It'll be like Shaq in his prime, posting up against...the neighborhood crossing-guard lady. Well here was the last of 2015!

Events I experienced:
Monday was pretty good, nothing much  to report.

Tuesday was a hassle. Our vacuum broke so we had to go get a new one. On the bus, I met a cool non-practicing Muslim man named Fern, and I gave him a Book of Mormon! He's pretty cool, we're going to call him in a few weeks after the vacation season. He's really nice and wants to learn more! Back home, an outlet broke so we fixed that. We saw Nes, we talked about the priesthood and that went alright. He thought it was an unusually grandiose thing to have the priesthood, so we had to explain that it just means you get to do certain services for others (it's the "perfect plan of service," said Stephen L. Richards). Then we got new bus passes for January. And we had to buy food for a last-minute district meeting meal prep delegation. Haha all in all, a solid day.

Awwww nuts. Here's where I stopped writing...so...really quickly...

Wednesday: district meeting!! Super fun. Our district is the best.

Thursday: went to the Cal's for New Year's Eve dinner! We're in bed by 10:30 like looters haha. Oh well.

Obedience Friday! Transfer calls! I'm staying here, with Elder Brill! Should be fun. Brive is awesome! Then we went to Tulle for legality. It was closed. Bodied. Then we visited less-actives and an old ami with the Fuls! They made us dinner too. Then English class, where our DMP tried to say "awesome" but ended up calling Elder Brill a vulgar name for your rear end. Ouch haha.

Saturday: Baptismal interviews for Nes and Elo! They both passed. The zone leaders from Bordeaux had to do 5 hours round trip on train. And they missed their train because Elo was late, so they got here @ 11 and left at....6. Another ouch. But that's how the baguette breaks in France haha.

Sunday: Church! 2 cakes from members (one was a quiche) both delicious.

Lessons I learned: I swear I did! But alas...didn't write anything.

(free) Advice I have: "For Time and All Eternity" by President Packer, October 1993 general conference. An excellent talk about the family and marriage!! This one was inspired by my sister who got married on Tuesday. Bonne chance avec tout ├ža.

I love all of you! Thanks for reading! Pray for Nes and Elo, please! They need all the help they can get to be protected for the adversary, this the week before their baptism. The church is true! Don't ever doubt that for a minute! Live the gospel and you WILL be happy! As President Taylor said, "That is sure and positive." Have a good week, a good month! Heck, why not a good year?

Love, Elder MacArthur

Bottom row, 2nd from left is my trainer. Like father, like son.

At the Ecully chapel! All together for Christmas!

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