Thursday, March 31, 2016


Hello hello! This week was incredible. Possibly my best week ever.

Events I experienced:
Monday was awesome! Lots of baptismal prep, district meeting prep, and starting an exchange with Perigueux! Really fun. We got to do FHE at the church and I met Mag, a really cool member that I have heard a lot about.

Tuesday was more exchange with Elder Little. We did a lot of tracting, and area book work. He was so excited to be on exchange with me it was cute! Haha he's a great guy who really seeks to improve.

Wednesday was a blitz in Limoges! Elder Quinn was with me for the day. It was so fun! He's the funniest guy ever, and he's a great missionary. 15 transfers under his belt, he's got a lot of good advice and taught me lots of things. We saw K, a Nigerian ami, and a cool Nigerian named Mon! They're awesome. They gave us cake. Mmmm. We invited everyone in Mon's house to listen to our message, and now they have a new amie! Africans are wonderful.

Thursday...district meeting! The only one of the transfer. I was pretty nervous beforehand, but just before I walked in, I said a little prayer and all fear left! It went very well, we discussed Alma 26 at length, the Book of Mormon, converting people by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We painted a shirt! Time to paint. We talked about Elder Christofferson and what he taught us, and about the apostolic blessing he left with us. It was a really uplifting meeting, and I think everyone liked it! I was relieved, it turned out better than I had expected.

Friday! Transfer calls!! I get to stay in Brive and get a 2nd shot at last transfer haha. I'll be able to become a better district leader and a better companion. My thesis is this: if you aren't able to really love someone in one transfer, the Lord gives you another haha. After calls in the morning (which was messed up, President always starts with Bordeaux zone on the west and works over eastward, but he had to call Swiss first due to borders closing, so we were waiting like scared idiots. Lamentable)

I had an exchange with Elder Haskin! It was great. We came back to Brive, and J-L had his interview with President Brown. He passed! P Breezy said he had been "extraordinarily prepared," which was a big SPARC. We taught J-L afterward, then went home, dinner, and went back to the church for a RDV with the O'M family, Fr. and Sr. O'M. We asked them if they wanted to be married in the temple. It went a little something like this:
Me: So have you thought about this? What are your thoughts?
Frere O'M: it is something I would love very much.
Sister O'M: *talks for 20 minutes straight, including every marital complaint she has ever had, every church complaint ever, a third of Ireland's history, one relevant anecdote, two irrelevant ones, and three expressed opinions of what the French are doing wrong* then says "So that's my opinion on that."
Me:.....So, is that a yes, or no? I didn't, uhh, really...umm...get it all, there, ya know.....
And by then we had to go to be home on time. Hilarious.

Saturday! I had an apricot eclair. Incredible. Weekly planning and lessons with Elo and Mil, Nes, and SD. Great day!

Sunday was good too. Did Sunday calls, gave the sacrament to Frere Cal, and ate crêpes. Good day. 10 month mark. Scary...

 Lessons I learned:
I'm staying! That means I have unfinished business. I'm excited to stay and improve on my last transfer. If the Lord ever gives you a second shot at something, that's because you need to improve! Take advantage of second chances.

(free) Advice I have:
"Trust in the Lord" by Elder Scott, April 1989 Gen Conf. Wow! G-Scott lays it down! An inspiring, personal, and powerful talk about being rigid in our resolve to emulate the Savior. Even if we are ostracized because of our beliefs, it doesn't matter. Never has. Never will. Talk to Job, he'll tell you.

Going into transfer #8! Ahhhh I'm getting old. Love you all! Thanks for the support!
Love, Elder MacArthur

Elder Quinn and Mon and CAKE

Quell homme, our zone leader Elder Rellaford 


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