Monday, April 25, 2016


Hello hello my friends. This week was the best week of my life! No kidding.

Events I experienced:
Tuesday was great! We had a zone finding day, and I got to hit the streets of Bordeaux with Elder Stutz, my old companion! It was marvelous. We passed a potential Amie that I found in Bordeaux a few transfers ago, and we set up a rendezvous!! It was great. We had a good time contacting around Bordeaux. We business contacted this guy who owned a music shop, he was super cool. I ended up buying a 1 euro Branford Marsalis CD. This guy was hating on his brother Wynton. Not cool. We had burritos for lunch, which is special because it is hard to find good burritos in France. They were huge. It was such a good time! Super blessed day.

Wednesday, we saw J-L and Soeur Coj! We ate dinner with the Coj family. It was delicious. That's about it.

Thursday, blitzed Brive! I was with Elder Little. We all went up to a little village an hour away to help the Phils with service. It took hardly any time at all. They are old and thought things would take longer, but it didn't. Oh well. So they insisted that we go check out this viewpoint, because lunch wasn't going to be ready for another hour anyway. So off we went. It was beautiful! You can see the Dordogne river going through a valley of hills. Then we came back and ate one of the best meals I have ever had. Blanquette with crudités and raspberries for dessert. It was incredible.

Friday, the zone leaders blitzed us. Me and Elder Boynton had a great day! We went to Voutezac and had lunch with J-L and his family!! His son N was with his wife K and their three boys, P, R, and M. Amazing. We had a little testimony meeting at the end, it was very spiritual and very touching. Then we went to Tulle to teach B, a Jehovah's Witness we met last week. As it turns out, he was not open at all. So that was interesting. Really fun, though!

Saturday! BAPTISM! J-L was baptized by his son. There was an incredible spirit there. J-L bore a great testimony at the end. I was so proud of him! I gave a talk on baptism and he loved it. After the baptism, we ate dinner with the papa All family. It was delicious! They played some gospel music in the background, sung by none other than Allan Jackson. It was alright I guess.

Sunday. Ironically, last night's dinner wasn't as great as we thought, because elder Storti gave it all back to our Swedish Food Poisoning Specialist, Pörs A. Lynn. ...Porcelain. Toilet bowl. Puke. Yeah it was a good joke. But we still made it to church, and I confirmed J-L a member of the church and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost! It was a great experience that I shall never forget. After church, we came home and Elder Storti slept, I read the Book of Mormon and other useful things. Then I started feeling sick. Great. Hopefully I get better soon! But hey it doesn't matter, because J-L got baptized (twice) this week and that's a miracle. AMEN!

Lessons I learned:
A lot of stuff, but alas. No time to write them all. I learned that when you think life can't get any better, try your hardest...and it will! Yay!

(free) Advice I have:
"I Testify" by President Benson, October 1998 Gen Conf. Pure testimony from President Benson. Incredible talk. He goes through the whole retab and plan of salvation, practically. Incredible! A very useful talk for missionaries to strengthen the first two lessons.

I love you all! Thanks for reading :)
Elder MacArthur

Ben, J-L, his son who performed the baptism, and Elder Storti

Ben & Elder Storti with J-L and his son and family on baptism day

My DMP (ward mission leader) at the temple getting married all those years ago. He looks funny. Exactly like his young 13 year old son!

Dordogne River

Panorama of Dordogne River valley

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