Monday, July 4, 2016

7-4-16! Happy Birthday, America!

Hello everybody!  I don't feel much like writing really, this one will be a quick rundown...

Monday: Trained up to Lyon for a conference on Tuesday. We ate at a Korean buffet. It was insanely good. We stuffed ourselves. I'm getting fat. Expensive but worth it!

Tuesday: Mission leadership council. President talked about 2 big points for our mission, the first change is about exchanges. Now, zone leaders only do exchanges with district leaders. So we'll have lots more time to work in our sectors, that'll be nice. Less trains, less stress. I am happy about it. The idea is to bring district leaders in to "show them how it's done," show them a model sector, then help them transmit those things to their district members. It's teaching a man to fish, rather than just giving each zone members a few fishes per transfer. It will really help us a lot!

Second point: In order to achieve our 250 baptisms goal, we will focus this transfer on member work by helping them work on the inter-regional plan set forth by the general authorities, the area presidency. It'll bring lots of success, I am sure. At the end of the day, we flew to Bordeaux with the zone leaders and the Talence STLs. One of the sisters, Soeur Filbrandt, told me a lot about her story, and all the opposition she's had (and still has) on her mission. She's a great example to me. I also met Elder Barben, the new Bordeaux zone leader who is with Elder Richmond. He's awesome. Elder Barben is super humble, funny, kind, and a great leader. We had lots of laughs together. It was really fun to meet new people and to make a few friends.

Wednesday: Trains to Brive for legality. We got in late, and some Brive members came in clutch and gave us a ride to the Tulle prefecture! They are awesome. We had Brive eclairs too, brought by the Brive Freres. They are awesome as well, Brive is in good hands. After that, we went to Toulouse and down to Montpellier, where we stayed the night. We stayed in the four man apartment, it was really fun! I love everyone there, they're all good friends.

Thursday: We go back in, and did some stuff.

Friday: Zone training. It was lots of fun! Then, weekly planning.

Saturday: Busy! Visited recent converts, and Frere Plé, who is in a clinic right now. We gave him a blessing, he was very grateful! He's a great missionary himself.

Sunday: Church, M. came again and loved it as always. We gave K's aunt a blessing after church, she has cancer. She cried a lot, we all felt the spirit. Maybe she'll get baptized! Seeds have been planted. Then we visited an old member, Sister Car. She's too old to go to church. We brought her the sacrament. She is really funny! She appreciated our visit a lot. Then, as usual, we went to K's for dinner.

Monday: Legality! Some of the Elders from the zone came in for legality. I had to go with them to buy fiscal stamps, because they forgot them. Then one of them found out he forgot his birth certificate. It was funny. We all made jokes like he forgot everything. Elder Hansen said "hey, were you ever even baptized? Did you remember to do that?" We all busted up laughing in the middle of the prefecture. It was great! Only bad part of the day: My companion bought canned tomatoes during grocery shopping. Horrible! My dad understands I think haha.

I love you all!
Elder MacArthur

Elder Barben's selfie of us and the office elders with Elder Richmond, Soeurs Wilsher and Filbrandt!

Korean buffet with Elders Szuch, Sauro, and Kelsey!!

The zone! Corsica district on skype :)

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