Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Hey everyone! This week was great! Sorry I'm out of time. Quick rundown-

Monday- I picked up Elder Ramsey at the train station, and we unpacked and settled in until we got the trainers at the Institute at 7 o'clock. They stayed over at our place. Elder Ramsey is from Brea, Claifornia. He's 6'4", really nice, very relaxed, and a great worker. I've known him for a while here in France and I have always wanted to serve with him! I'm super excited to be with him here.

Tuesday- we drop off the trainers at the Institute, then we left for the airport. We picked up the blues with the Browns and the office elders and the assistants! It was real sweet to meet the blues. We got back, did shopping, and train the trainers at the Institute. Then we had master tacos for dinner!

Wednesday- we train the trainers another time after breakfast, just before they got their blues! We had lunch with them all, and then went to teach Bas, a nine year old who is getting baptized! We taught him the plan of salvation. We also got to pass another member and we had dinner with the B family.

Thursday- we had RCM, and then we had lunch with the O family! We love them so much. We closed out the night with dinner at the Geddes' house. They are the self-reliance missionaries. They are awesome! Their marriage story is the best story I've ever heard in my whole life. Elder Geddes flew to Hawaii with a suitcase and a trumpet and nothing else once he found out that his future wife was no longer engaged. He knew that she was attending BYU Hawaii but he didn't even know where it was. So he packed a bag, brought his trumpet, and took the first flight to Hawaii. He asked where the campus was, hitched a ride, and found an extra room open on campus. The next day, he found the music department and auditioned for a band. Within a day, he had a full tuition scholarship, got signed up for classes, and got housing. He became a student in 24 hours. Then he went and found Sister Geddes, who he had met and fallen in love with a few months earlier, and they got married not too long afterwards. He said that the moral of the story was, if something is right but seems crazy and impossible, just do it! He is amazing! He also plays guitar, piano, and is a master sculptor. We are going to visit cathedrals with him so that he can tell us what the stained glass windows mean in the cathedrals. They are the coolest couple in the world!! We are so lucky to have them in our Ward.

Friday- we saw P. A., a former member who is now 93. He wants to come back, and he is blind so we read him things. We gave him a blessing, and he cried. He was very touched. He is a sweet sweet man. We then passed a few people, did weekly planning, and the assistants picked us up for the fête des lumières! It's a party particular to Lyon. There are cool lights everywhere. It must have been crazier downtown, because we took a boat ride on the Saône, and we didn't see much. We got to ride on the boat with all the Lyon missionaries though, so that was super fun! It turned into everyone trying to photobomb each other. We slept over with the assistants afterwards! Always super fun :)

Saturday- we went to J's baptism! She is the investigator of the sisters. The service was really well done and very spiritual, there were a few nonmembers and many less actives at the service.
Afterwards, we passed a few families, invited them to the Christmas party, and then went ourselves. It was a great night, full of fun and bonding with members. And free food as usual.

Sunday- we did some genealogy before church, I got to send in some names that are ready to be taken to the temple! Elder Wade helped me find his thing that our stake President showed him. You can basically find names that are ready super easily. Church was good, Elder Ramsey loved getting to meet all the members and putting names to faces.

It was a great week! I love you all!!
Elder MacArthur

Chez la famille Geddes!

Christmas Party!

Our WML and his wife!
Fête des lumières

Trainers and elder Ramsey coordinating :)

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