Saturday, May 30, 2015

First email!

Hi Family!

Well today is Friday, my first p-day, and I've been at the MTC for 3 days. I have learned more in these three days than in my whole life, ever!! The MTC is a holy place that has the Holy Spirit. 

I flew to the MTC with Elder Ashcraft from Brownsville, Oregon. My companions and roommates here are Elder Kautai and Elder Langi, both from Tonga. They speak english pretty well but their accent is thick. I have learned not to sit in between them since they are very large men. My Branch is composed of all international missionaries, except for me and Sister Jones from California, we are speaking french, she is going to the Paris mission. But our classes are all in English because everyone else is learning and improving their english for their missions. Kinda scary but I am grateful for this opportunity. The branch presidency is wonderful, president Bartholomew is a great example to us.

I got here with no hangers thanks to my wise parents so I had to buy some. That was funny haha! Sister Jones had some extras in her room because the sisters usually leave them behind. Sister Jones is the new Sister Training Leader in our district and I am the new Zone Leader. We have good examples from the old ones, Sister Baumann and Lau and Elders Gonzalez and Conrad. They help to make our branch wonderful.

I saw sisters Nicholls, Paulson, Annett (spelled wrong I'm sure), and Elder Aiken and Perry! I have so much in my mind and in my heart so I'm sure I have forgotten some people and lots of things that happened haha.

Yesterday I was told that I am escorting Elder Lau ( no relation to the old STL Sister Lau) through the Provo temple. It is a wonderful opportunity but I am nervous about it! I'm doing that in a few hours so we'll see how that goes. 

Yesterday our branch had a testimony meeting where we all had the chance to bear our testimonies. I learned so much and grew to love my fellow missionaries so much more. 14-C is a marvelous district and together with 14-E our branch is full of amazing testimonies. I heard many stories from elders and sisters about how they are the only members in their family, or they come from broken homes, or much of their family is inactive. Their experiences made me realize how blessed I have been my whole life. My road to the mission field has been very easy in comparison. Since I am only here 2 weeks I doubt I will ever get tired of it! I am so happy for that. I am happy most of all for the love I feel here. I am able to feel God's love, love from my companions and my district and branch, from my teachers, and I am becoming able to love everyone so much more than ever before. 

MTC- Make The Change. That is so true. I have grown so much in this short space of time. I have so much in my head and I have forgotten lots but that's ok. 

Thanks for all your support, I really feel it here. Oh and I kinda forgot about pictures because I was being SO FOCUSED so yeah I will send pictures next week. Sorry!

Elder MacArthur

This keyboard is dreadful so excuse the weird typing.