Monday, June 8, 2015

MTC Week 2

Okay so much to write again but here we go!

Saturday: We learned how to begin teaching, techniques to start conversations and lessons. Elder Kautai's mother passed away. Please pray for him. He is incredibly strong and he remains happy, somehow. He amazes me. And Jaya sent me cupcakes! Shout out to her for being the best ever.

Sunday: Church! Elder Langi came out of the bathroom with tp hanging from his [rear] so that was a laugh. I know Elder Teh (in my branch) and Brother Kopischke (a teacher) whose dads are members of the seventy! Very cool. We had a devotional from Janice Kapp Perry, who wrote most of the primary songs we love! Her husband sneak-attacked her during her address by stealing a smooch and the whole audience roared with applause. 3 minute standing ovation! Maybe more! All her husband did was fist-pump and smile after that! Very funny. I also watched the "Character of Christ," an MTC devotional given 3 years ago by Elder Bednar. Life-changing. Please watch it. That is my one point of advice for this week. It should be compulsory for everyone, honestly.

Monday: I met Chris Shakespeare's brother whilst waiting for Elder Kautai at his dentist appointment in American Fork! Very cool. We taught our first real investigator, S. She is a very strong Christian woman who has grown to love the Book of Mormon since we have been visiting with her. Even Elder L. surprised us all when he bore his testimony during the lesson and cried! It showed me that he really does love this gospel even if he doesn't obey the rules. I need to be better at loving him I think. Our missionary purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. Our purpose > Bringing the spirit > companionship unity > LOVE > turning outwards > Effort > priorities. I am glad my priorities are in the right place here.

Tuesday: our other investigators Brenda and Adam (Sister Jensen and Brother Gardner) accepted to be baptized! Very good experiences there.

Wednesday: One new elder, and for me, my new companion Elder Xiong! He is an awesome missionary and I am happy to be with him. We also met the 4 new sisters in our branch. Sisters Jones and Lin did an excellent job at greeting them, they are both way better missionaries than I am and I'm grateful for their example. Another great lesson with S. Very rewarding and spiritual. Her faith is growing and I love her very much for that.

Thursday: In-field training at the MTC. 8-5:30 classes! Long day but very informative, I learned so much and I hope it sticks. Another lesson with S, she told us in response to our questions that if she learns more and can believe our message is the truth, through the Holy Spirit, then she will certainly join the church! And she finally prayed with us so we are very excited.

Today is Friday and the day has just started so that's all that happened! Well not really but that's all I have time to write about! Only 3 more days, then I am in Lyon. I met some elders going to Lyon and they all seem awesome so maybe we'll be future comps! 

Okay love you all!

Elder MacArthur

At the MTC looking toward the Provo temple.

Left to right, top row: Sisters Chua, Lam, Unga, Siva, Saili, Lin, Jones, Elder Moncayp
Bottom row: Elders Sainteran, Ela, Masima, Kautai, me, and Elder Lau

At the Provo temple

Elder Lau,Ben & Elder Nguwa

Ben & Elders Nguwa, Massima & Lau

Ben & Elder Xiong (companion for week 2)

Hermana Nicholls, Ben & Jaya Farrer

MTC dorm room

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