Tuesday, May 31, 2016

1 year mark baby

Transfer 9 (5-30-16)
Events I experienced:
Monday was good. We cleaned the apartment, did normal p-day stuff, did a little shopping. A 40-ish year-old woman in Hollister told me I was beautiful, that was funny haha. I tried to get Elder Nadauld a gift without him knowing but didn't get a good chance, so maybe I'll try tomorrow. We had dinner with the single adults at a Chinese restaurant, it was great! They're a really cool group. We shared a pensée spirituelle about the most important words ever spoken: "This is my beloved Son, hear Him!"

Tuesday, I had an exchange with elder Arné! It was really fun! We had to navigate around the Coldplay concert in town. 56.000 people!! Incredible. There was traffic backup for miles.

Wednesday, we got a free crêpe pan! Super cool. We helped Frere F. clean out a fish pool. There was fish poop everywhere. He made us a great lunch. He's pretty awesome. He lives in upper nice, it's super beautiful.

Thursday, I had an exchange with Elder Loveland from Toulon. We had a few RDVs, contacted a lot, got a new ami named J! He's a referral from the Paris mission, he's super cool. We taught him the restoration and we're seeing him tomorrow. He lives with his girlfriend and their daughter is coming over as soon as she can get a visa. He's some sort of Protestant, and he's really nice and open. We have high hopes for him!

Friday, we had district meeting! It was cool. We celebrated Elder Nadauld's birthday, D. (a cool member) made us the best meal I have ever eaten, period. It was incredible.

Saturday, was pretty fun. I don't remember much. Because of gas and train strikes, our zone conference is cancelled, and the next district meetings as well. Pretty dumb. I hate French trains. Moving on...

Sunday was awesome! I gave a talk on chapter 1 of President Hunter's book in "Teachings of the Presidents" it was fun. Only had 2 days notice, but it turned out alright. Then we did numbers, Skyped the assistants to help them with something and then went to Kevin's for dinner. Amazing food as always.

A great week! I'm reading 3 Néphi 11 right now in personal study and it's really cool. Should be fun next week!
Love you all!
Elder MacArthur

Ben & Elder Nadauld and the Oldroyd family who were visiting Nice and kindly sent this picture to the missionary moms
Really cool view

Elders Hundsman, Thueson, and Menzel :) they're awesome

Our swaggy banner

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