Monday, June 6, 2016



Well, the week was a week.

The only thing I'll mention is an interview I had with President Brown this morning. It was great! He gave me the perfect advice. He told me a little story: One time President Packer gave a fireside when President Brown was young. He said, concerning the Brethren, "we're just plain never frightened." President Brown talked to me about fearless leadership and what we can do to execute the Lord's vision for the mission fearlessly. He also talked to me about pride, and how I need to be unaffected by Satan's attempts to trick me into being prideful. It was a great interview.

Well, that's about it. Love you all! I'll send pictures next week hopefully :)

Elder MacArthur

[As you can probably tell Ben is a little down this week.  Saturday they were contacting in a public square when someone stole his satchel including wallet, iPad and camera.  All is replaceable except for pictures on the SIM card in the camera.  He woke us Saturday by calling to ask us to cancel his credit and debit cards.  Of course we are thankful the call was not about a more serious problem e.g. hospitalization!]

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