Monday, June 13, 2016


Hello everyone! I got a new iPad on Saturday, so I haven't had much time to write stuff.

Monday: Fun soccer pday, as usual.

Tuesday: Finding. 4 new Amis!

Wednesday: Exchange with Elder Aburst from Antibes. Really fun lesson with M. She loves everything.

Thursday: Nice home run derby. The St. Raphael freres blitz us and we grind it to the bone the whole day, we get 8 amis in our equipe and 17 in our district! Incredible. It rained really hard and we got soaked, but we met lots of cool prepared people.

Friday: We finished up transfer recommendations,then we went to Lyon for an exchange with the assistants! I was with Elder Huntsman and Menzel. We played lots of sports and got 5 new amis from it! That night, all 5 of us went to President & Sister Brown's house for dinner! We celebrated Elder Huntsman's birthday on Saturday, plus the Browns love Elder Nadauld, so they couldn't not invite us over I guess. It was delicious!! They had been marinating steak and chicken for 2 days straight. Yum. Afterwards, we played HORSE with President. He's pretty good! Also, I got "The Life of the Savior," a book written by my old mission president that compiles the gospels and modern scripture to give the story of Christ's life. It's an amazing book, there were extras in the basement from when he left.

Saturday, we played soccer with a bunch of African guys who were really good. It was super entertaining. Then we came back down to Nice. Lots of drunk English Euro Cup fans coming to Nice by train, talking smack about the U.S. and every other country. Pretty funny,actually!

Sunday! Normal day. Great day. A BYU study abroad group came to church, about 25 freshman girls all tried to talk our heads off. I tried to stay away haha, but we had to translate for all the English speakers. It was a good language exercise. Two of them are coming into our mission in August. I met an old BYU friend, Carson, who came on the trip! I met him in a French class in January 2015. It was fun to see him again! We ended the day with dinner at K's, as usual.

It was an amazing week! I loved it.

I love you!
Elder MacArthur

Dinner with the Browns!

Happy birthday to Elder "Une Semaine"

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