Monday, August 22, 2016


Hello hello everyone! This week was great! Unfortunately, not much time to write. Quick recap:

Monday-had a super cool hike on the French-Italian border.

Tuesday-service chez Sister Ro, and we saw M. She refuses to come to church due to the members. Oh well. We'll need to stop teaching her for the moment.

Wednesday- Toulon district meeting, we taught F, Y, taught some good street lessons!

Thursday-our district meeting, street lessons, good day.

Friday-exchange with a blue, Elder Graff from Toulon!! We played soccer with some potential amis, street boarded and had a great lesson, taught S (K's aunt), more contacting, more street lessons.

Saturday-we saw S, E, Con with Cle at her house. They are great members. Then we weekly planned.

Sunday-church, RCM, taught S again, put in numbers, and went to the Tep's for dinner! I invited them to invite their friend, A, and he came! We taught him about the Book of Mormon afterwards, and fixed a rdv for Saturday. The food was great. Super awesome missionary family!

We got 20 lessons this week, which was the result of hard work, persistence, and smart contacting. We got 3 new amis, and we hope to see them progress. I learned that hard work is the best recipe for happiness as a missionary. It was a great week. My journal has a lot more details than this scanty email. Maybe when I come home you can read it haha.

I love you all! Sorry about the short email, or you're welcome, if you don't read this anyways!
Elder MacArthur

Saw this guy again! I'll be playing trumpet for next week's zone conference!

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