Monday, August 29, 2016


Hey everyone! Sorry but this letter will be short. What went down:

Monday-pday, looked for a trumpet in pawn shops, no luck. Bought some cool jazz CDs, I'm pretty excited about those! Then we taught our new ami, J-M. He talks a lot, which is frustrating, but he has read up to Mormon in the BoM in a week. Not bad. I'm not sure about his comprehension but he's definitely making the effort! We talked about baptism, and he didn't like the idea of having a baptismal date. Ça viendra. Took the bus to Vauban, the basketball courts. I met a girl on the bus named P who knows one of our potential amies, N. I got her number and hopefully we'll see her Thursday! Sometimes it's hard getting a girl's number without her thinking that you're flirting. They often suspect that you want to see them for a different reason, that you're  up to something, which of course, as a missionary, you always are haha. We would love to talk more, but not just for the sake of talking haha. Got off the bus, and we went to play basketball with Frere T R, we met some of his friends and had a good time.

Tuesday-planned zone conference for next week. We called a lot of restaurants to see if they could cater for the conference. We ended up getting Sr. R to cater it! The fruits of helping someone build a wall I guess. Then we went to Colline du Chateau, a parc in Nice, to teach some lessons. We taught these two guys who were really funny. They're both from Brittany, but we had a great lesson nonetheless. Then we taught a couple not far away. No number though, which stinks. We left the hill, and went to go pick up a trumpet from a rental shop. Then we went up to the church, and ran into the nurse of an old couple in the ward! The couple, the Js, had already given her a Book of Mormon! So we taught the restoration to her. We'll try to visit the Js and see the nurse again. Then we practiced our musical number for zone conference. We decided to play Praise To The Man. It's a cool hymn, talks about loyalty and faithfulness (the conference theme), and Elder Sauro can play it on piano. I transposed the part into B flat, and we went through it a few times. I'll have to write my own arrangement of the trumpet part to make it interesting. After practice, we saw L,  and talked about prophets and why they are important. He was really interested to learn, and we had a great time. He said he would come to next sacrament meeting, so I consider the rdv a success.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday were great too.

Saturday was a day full of miracles. We had 4 lessons, which brought us to 20 for the week, for the second week in a row! We've been working extra hard and it has been paying off. At the end of the day, we contacted two girls by Old Nice. Turns out, they are from California and Oregon. They both go to University of Oregon, where I'm from! One of them knows half my BYU friends, and has investigated the church for a long time. They know one of my childhood friends as well who is at U of O. It was a crazy miracle! We invited them to church, but they didn't come. Hopefully we see them again! God does not work with coincidences, I really hope that our conversation with them helped them in some way.

It was a great week! Almost all our zone got 20 lessons too. We're ready for zone conference next week!

I love you all! Thanks for listening :)
Elder MacArthur

Street boarding with Elder Graff

Elder Hansen street boarding

P-day today, we went to St Jean Cap-Ferrat! Beautiful peninsula!  

Our U of O friends! 

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