Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Transfer 12 (10-17-16)

Stuff that happened:
Monday-solid pday. Went to Primark, bought some cheap French white shirts. Got a kebab from the Mosaïque. Pretty satisfied with that!

Tuesday-rough day. We were boy feeling a little sick. We did some contacted and got slammed. Lunch. Then transfer recommendations.

Wednesday-just about everything fell through.

Thursday-district meeting! It was pretty fun.

Friday-very good day. Lots of stuff fell through, so we had a slow start. Our rdv with a potential, K, fell through. We did get to teach D, we read 1 Nephi 11 with him. Then we had dinner with Sister S and her boyfriend from another Lyon Ward. We had raclette! It was great. We shared a thought about reading scriptures together as a couple and they committed to do it! It'll do them a lot of good.

Saturday-we taught a new investigator, J. He was contacted 6 months ago and we taught him the retab! He's been looking for a church to join so that's great!!

Sunday-we had studies, ate with the Zinn family (it was sister Zinn's birthday, so we sang her happy birthday and brought her flowers that we bought on Saturday!) and had church. None of our investigators came to church, which stunk. It's been hard to get people to church recently. It's almost a little discouraging but on fait avec. After, we did numbers and the Val de Saône Elders slept over chez nous for pday with President Brown on today!

Lessons learned:
RCM! We had a great RCM with our Ward mission leader. It was the best RCM I have ever had. He did role plays with us, gave us teaching tips, French advice, great advice. I  learned how much we can prepare for a teaching appointment. We don't ever prepare nearly enough teaching. That was a good lesson to learn, not a moment too late. We can never prepare too much to seek the spirit on how to help our investigators.

(free) Advice I have: "Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king." 1 Peter 2:17  A scripture I really like! Super solid advice when you think about it.

Elder Burri with flowers for Sr. Zinn and a funny photobomb

My testimony I wrote as a gift. I share it with you as well :)

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