Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Hello everyone! This week was great!

Monday: We went to a cathedral!

Tuesday: we had some things fall through, so we got normal studies. We saw M, a recent convert, with her boyfriend W. We helped her do missionary work!

Wednesday: we had a rdv with O. Another guy passed to us. He told us he wasn't going to act. That's life sometimes. We had a rdv with F, a less active. He was not acting either. Sigh. We visited the K family! We asked them about their friends and helped them set goals to invite them to hear the gospel. Then we did the same the with the B family, and we ate with them. Ecully is really turning into a model sector. We don't have much but the sisters have lots of stuff going on and the assistants do too. Hopefully we'll get real investigators who actually actively investigate, one day!

Thursday: district meeting, by Elder Raherimandimy from St. Etienne. Afterwards, we went to the office because we needed Books of Mormon. And I got a letter at the office, it was my old companion's wedding invitation! Crazy, even though I knew it was coming. Elder Nadauld is getting married in a week. Weird thought. Then we had RCM and CDP to end the night.

Friday: pretty hard day. Everything fell through, and our one rdv got delayed for next week because we helped in a service project for the assistants' potential amis. Who don't live in our sector, because we helped them move out. So that was alright. It was fun but not very helpful for us.

Saturday: General conference! So great. So great. We also found out, as we started to prepare for zone conference, that we are finally getting the area book iPad app. That will help so much.

Sunday: General conference and dinner at the Z's house! Really great time. They brought a friend that watched conference with the sisters!

Some good notes I took:
President Uchtdorf
-the more adept I get at technology, the more I take it for granted
- as we become more familiar with something, we lose our appreciation for it -in the church, we are given so much!
-think of yourself, your first testimony, and how sweet it was
- do we lose gratitude because our hearts are "past feeling?"
-our path is dotted with diamonds, but often, we perceive them as being ordinary pebbles -when I teach gospel principles, we must be grateful for the knowledge we have -the questions we ask have answers, answered by the gospel, the gospel found in Jesus Christ's church -the grand council in Heaven was a FAMILY COUNCIL -why am I here right now? Why was I born into a Mormon family?
-we trusted and had faith in Christ from the beginning (John 15:27) -all will be saved, but only those who accept and follow God's laws and ordinances will live with Him, where all will be made right -don't let anything cause you to miss out on a "much greater future"
-be grateful for his mercy and generosity -if I am not in awe with the plan of salvation, I need to study it again What shall we give in return for so much?
-God asks that we live up to the light that we have received
- Put our talents to work, multiply those 10 talents -understand clearly the plan of God to value and use life as I should

Elder Robert D Hales
-If we love the Savior more, will we suffer less?
- we can't be following the "Law of Moses" in our own lives
- We need to "live the Higher Law as taught by Jesus Christ"
-the higher law starts in the Home
-the parents are the missionaries, the children are the investigators -we are all seeking to be converted -when an opportunity comes to teach about the gospel, DROP EVERYTHING AND TEACH -the spirit must lead any teaching I give -God's power to influence us righteously is his love for us
- we love him because he first loved us
-have faith to testify of what you know is true -Am I consecrating my life to do this on my mission?
-FHE and family councils are important, we will grow stronger together, and suffer less -when we raise our voice in anger, the spirit leaves our companionships -what can we do when people do not choose the right?
- we cannot pray away another's agency
- We must love like the father of the Prodigal Son -the choice to love and follow the lord must be their own -be a caregiver for the Lord, and let Him be your caregiver -as I love him more, I will suffer less

Two of the great talks we heard this conference. I invite all of you to read and reread the talks to get the revelation you need from them. Unless we get revelation from the talks, there is not much point to General Conference.

I love you all! Have a good one :)
Elder MacArthur

Cool napkins!

Elder Burri and Battezzato in masks haha

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