Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Hey everyone, we are still preparing for zone conference so this will be short.

I just had an interview with President Brown, and it was wonderful. He always makes me feel amazing. It's the spirit for sure. I love being a missionary. President told me of the potential he sees in me, and it's always a huge motivator to hear that. I always want to improve after talking with President. I love him so much!

I love you all too. I know that God leads this work. I know that a God loves each of you.
Love, Elder MacArthur
Me as Moses!

Visiting Fourviere.  Fourvière is a district of Lyon, France and also a hill immediately west of the old part of the town, rising abruptly from the river Saône. It is the site of the original Roman settlement of Lugdunum (43 BC). It is primarily known for the Catholic Basilica of Fourvière. Fourvière contains many other religious buildings including convents, monasteries and chapels. It is known in Lyon as "the hill that prays". It is now part of a UNESCO World Heritage site designated for the city of Lyon in 1998.

Weekly planning was rough. Photo cred to elder Burri.

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