Monday, November 7, 2016


Hello hello everyone!

I don't have much time again, but here's a little something.

We have recently started working with a less active named A. He's from the gal de Saône Ward, but he loves Elder Burri. We are helping him get back to church. He's super funny, loves making jokes, and absolutely loves the elders. He gives us food all the time too. He's a super loving guy who doesn't understand very well, but he's got a great heart. It was one of my old companions who baptized him in June of 2015! A loves telling stories about the old elders, it's always tons of fun. We read the Book of Mormon with him, and he came to stake conference last week, and promised to come to church this week.

We have also had the chance to work with Frere T. He came to church this Sunday! We are going to help Fr. M with a move as well. We will reactivate him and baptize his nonmember daughter!

We have lots of less actives that we are starting to see. President Brown told everyone in the mission to make part,member families a priority. So we will be working with members a lot a lot a lot.

I love you all! Have a good week :)
Elder MacArthur

District meeting!

Le prophète Walton!

Same tie!! W/ Paul adrien Bize

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