Monday, January 30, 2017


Hello everyone! Here is what we did this week-

Tuesday - I had an exchange with Elder Mason! We saw a less active, Sr. Mar. It was great!

Wednesday - We had a mission worldwide broadcast, it was great!

Thursday - We had MLC. We learned many things!

Friday - We gave Sister Bri a blessing, because she was sick. We then had dinner with J. It was really great. Elder Ramsey got dog hair on him and J got a wet towel to rub it off. For some reason he rubbed Elder Ramsey's posterior when there was no hair. Maybe because I said that there was hair there. Hahahaha!

Saturday - Exchange with the assistants! I went with Elder Wade. It was great. We got lots of time to talk to people, invite them to church, and testify of the Paris temple.

Sunday - We had church, it was wonderful. We had Stromboli at the Z's house!

Today I bought a 50 dollar suit! It was way cheap. And a few pairs of shoes too!

I love all of you!
Elder MacArthur

Calvin couldn't find the Rubik's cube haha!

Mission Leadership Conference

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