Monday, January 9, 2017


Hello everyone!

We just had p-day with our mission President so this will be really short!

This week we spent some time evaluating the zone and doing recommendations for transfers. We went to Grenoble for baptismal interviews! I interviewed a girl named E, she was super cool. I love doing those interviews, knowing how well they have been prepared for baptism, and getting to approve the ordinance, it brings such a joy.

In Grenoble we got a huge kebab. Almost as big as my arm.

We helped Brother Mab move some more this week, saw the Q family, passed and made contact with a less active.

Sunday, we had our normal routine, and got a cool RDV with the T family. We were able to follow up on their friends and give them good ideas on how to build relationships with their friends and acquaintances. It went really well and they are catching the missionary spirit.

With transfers next week, we are wondering what will happen. We hope to stay together! We know Elder Wade will be leaving, that will be sad. We are super close with him and Elder Menzel, it's so great to have such good friends in the same city.

Today for pday, we played basketball a lot, and got to chat with everyone there, some 30-ish missionaries.

I love you all! Sorry for the short letter, I'll give lots of photos then :)

Elder MacArthur
Bas's baptism!

Funny French ad

Grenoble has mountains! Really cool place

Me and my double chin and my sweetheart kebab

Chez la famille C for New Years!

President's pday!

The T's daughter. So cute!!

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