Monday, March 20, 2017


Hey everyone! This was a week full of miracles.

Monday - Went and tried to see some castles, they were all private residences though. Why put a private house on a public map if it's not open to the public? But it was fun. We took some cool pics. Elder Fiala fell on his butt and got wet. We laughed. Good times!

Tuesday - Slow day. Helped a less active understand that reincarnation is a false doctrine, that was fun.

Wednesday - Exchange with Elder Smith! I'm still in his zone haha. We went to meet a less-active from his sector in Angoulême that moved to Bordeaux. She's got nonmember kids and a husband! We taught her friend Flo the retab, and fixed à RDV. They both live in Eysines sector, so we passed a part-member family and an ami family to Eysines. But they needed it so it's chill. Our exchange was great. I learned some new British terms, like "spot me a tenner!" Fun times.

Thursday - We pass a less active. He's not there, it turns out. But his nonmember uncle (Lou) is! RDV fixed Friday We went to La Teste, and the Lac family gave us kebabs and we went to Arcachon together. They showed us fancy villas that cost 8 million euros. It was a really nice part of town. They are coming back to church, and we got some great bonding time in. We showed them a temple video and they loved it. We came back and had a drop in with a member, the T Cs. They live in an old Protestant church! It's a cool house. Their less active sister happened to be there, so we showed the aforementioned temple video. Good stuff!

Saturday - We saw Lou. He accepted a baptismal date. But his parole schedule doesn't allow him to get to church on time on Sunday....we will need a miracle. So please pray for him! We went to pass Rud. He wasn't there. We needed a miracle. What did we do? We had dinner at HFC. We came back, having faith that he would be there. Who was there? Rud. We had a great lesson! He understands our message but he just hasn't made it a priority yet. That will come.

Sunday - Good church, had a Ward meal afterwards. I talked with a few youth, and got them talking about their friends. They have a few friends who came to baptisms and such but never were taught. So we will follow up next week on them. Very effective.

I love you all! Just today, we had a cool miracle. We made contact with a less active named C. Her last name is from New Caledonia, and I can't write it. Her husband, R, is not a member. We invited him to be baptized in order to be married in the temple and he accepted! Crazy miracle: He knows an Elder Aaron Green, who is from my home ward in Oregon. So that sparc'd him up! Such a small world. They loved that elder, we talked a while about him. It's not a coincidence Elder Fiala and I are here. We are here to baptize R. With his rugby schedule and them living far away, it will be hard, but it will happen.

Elder MacArthur

Elder Fiala's Waterloo

La confluence

The Lac family in Arcachon

2 pairs left

R & C with Ben

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