Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hello everyone! Today is my 22 month mark. Crazy! This week was full of miracles.

Tuesday - We had an exchange with the assistants, I was with Elder Menzel and Elder Wade (for the last time). It'll be sad to see him go in 2 weeks! Our exchange was great. Elder Menzel and I passed some amis and talked to a few people in the street while elder Wade helped President with interviews, then we picked him up after interviews and ate lunch at sister B's house! It was great, she's the sweetest member in the Ecully ward. After that, as we walked back to the car, we saw two guys playing basketball, and we decided to go play with them. We rolled up and they said "you want to play us? En costard?! (In dress clothes) so we played, and we wrecked them. Well, I'm not that good, and neither is Elder Menzel. But we won handily. Afterwards, we told them who we were and what we do, and they were down to see us again, to play and to hear what we have to say. It was super cool. We took the car to an outer ville to visit an older sister who never gets missionary visits, Soeur Bar. She was very appreciative, and we gave her the first blessing she's had in a long time. It was a great exchange! Like old times.

We had an interesting debate going on Tuesday night: if a rock is in a pool, completely submerged in water, is it wet? We said yes, they said no (Elder Underwood agreed with us too). Our argument was based on common sense, and by definition, something is wet if it is covered by moisture. They said it isn't wet until it comes out of the water, because down in the water, where everything is wet, nothing is really wet because there is no contrast of dry/wet. It was pretty amusing to duke it out and hear their side.

Wednesday - We took an early flight back to Bordeaux and saw some people. We helped sister Baq with her garden and shared a message with the family. H, her husband, is not a member. He is starting to like us!

Thursday - We had district meeting, which was very uplifting. For lunch, we had a cereal party!

Friday - We weekly planned, and tried to drop in on members, to no avail. We did find a lady named A who seems interested. We ate dinner with the family Cat! They have 3 boys, Z, B, and M. Z plays the trumpet, so that sparcd me. Dinner was really great. They are a good missionary family.

Saturday - We passed by and had a lesson with A. She accepted a baptismal date! She met the elders in Italy, so she already knew our message a little. The lesson went very well, and she committed to skipping her Pentecostal church and coming to ours in Sunday!

Sunday - A came to church with her three children! It was great, Sr. Ler brought her to church. We sat with her, and she liked it! We are seeing her next Tuesday. After church, we went to La Teste and taught an old ami, W, and his wife, J. They are so ready!! But they are scared of knowing the truth, because that would mean they would have to repent and change. It was a sad feeling to see how ready they were, and how un-ready they felt. We tried our best to encourage them and engage them to pray to know the truth about the Book of Mormon, but they said they wouldn't for now. They will move back to Singapore soon, and they promised to go to church there, where it is in English. They speak zero French, so I understand where they're coming from. We came back (and Frere Gen drove us there and back, what a great guy) and had dinner with the Mous. We had crepes!

Today we went to Arcachon and saw the sand dunes! It was super fun.

Super great week. Have faith in miracles.

Other good news- Fab from my old sector of Ecully got baptized! Elder Ramsey baptized him, and President Brown confirmed him a member, and Brother Z gave him the Aaronic priesthood. That made my day hearing that. I will be forever grateful that one day, we decided to go to another ward's baptism and sit next to a stranger named Fab B. He was ready from day one. When we listen to the spirit, miracles happen. When we find through members, we find prepared people. So, members, please invite your friends into the gospel life you live! You never know what will happen.

I love you all!
Elder MacArthur

District meeting in Bordeaux

Ben buried in the sand dunes

Sand dunes



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