Thursday, April 6, 2017


Hello everyone! This week was awesome. Very very inspirational.

Monday: Fun p-day, dropped in on some members, and found out about a family friend of Sr. De that she's inviting to church! They already have a Book of Mormon. We will follow up on that for sure. After that, we passed by Rud's house and he was there! We got to read with him and see his dad. We really felt guided by the spirit on Monday, we saw cool miracles.

Tuesday: Zone conference planning, and we had dinner with the Vil family. Sr. Vil's husband Ant is not a member, and we asked him if he even wanted his own testimony, if he wanted to be baptized. He didn't really have an answer for us. We hope that Sr. Vil will motivate him a little more.

Wednesday: We saw some people, and went to Toulouse for a multi- zone conference with the Toulouse and Montpellier zones! We had a fun sleepover, it was fun to see people I hadn't seen in ages.

Thursday: We had interviews with President Brown. I love interviews with him, I always feel inspired and guided. He told me that he knew I was exactly where I needed to be, with exactly who I needed to be with, doing exactly what we should be doing, so that was comforting.

Our zone has done really well this transfer, and President was proud of us all. After that, we had zone conference! We sung a special musical number, the one Elder Ramsey and I wrote in Lyon. It went pretty well. President talked a lot about hope, and how the sacrament brings us hope. He said "it is the sacrament that gives me hope to live each day."  We have the hope of a rebirth every week thanks to the sacrament. What a great blessing. Seeing as how it was the last time I will see him for a few months, I said goodbye to elder Wade. It'll be sad to see him go. We came in together, pretty weird. I'll see him soon enough after my mission.

Friday: We finished transfer recommendations, then had dinner with the Gen family. They are great! Fr. Gen was baptized in 1965, making him a real pioneer of the church in France. They introduced us to their neighbors, and we talked for a long time. They had met the sisters before, and they had the Book of Mormon. When we left, the kids asked "mom, when are they coming back?" So we'll be back. Don't worry kids. If you get the kids to like you, you've won.

Saturday: Stuff fell through, but we had General Conference which made up for it. Excellent talks.

Sunday: More conference. Bishop Causse spoke, and his dad was in our chapel to see it! His dad is pretty cool. Bishop Causse's dad knew one of my BYU French teachers from when he was a missionary in Paris! At conference, we had a potential named Wen come, we met her in the street a while ago, and she came! She liked it. We had a lesson right after with Est Def, who speaks Chinese, so it worked really well. She wants to see us again!

It was a miracle full week. I received so many answers to my questions at General Conference. I especially loved Elder Sabin's talk. He came to our mission a few months ago, it was great to see him on the screen. Don't fear, just live right. If you can't walk, run! What inspiration.

I know that the Lord's church, the church of the Firstborn, is on the earth today. President Monson is the prophet of God the earth. What joy this brings me. I love you all!
Elder MacArthur

Sister Brown, Elder Wade & Ben

Water from Arcachon that looks kinda like wine....oops haha

Zone conference in Toulouse!

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